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7 Ways to Make Braces More Fun for Your Child

December 22, 2020

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girl with pediatric orthodontics Webster braces smiling

Most children will need treatments like braces or pediatric orthodontics to keep their smiles healthy as they grow and avoid serous issues in the future. However, with all the metal brackets, diet restrictions, and frequent adjustments, your little one may not be thrilled during the process. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can help your child have more fun during their orthodontic treatment! Use these seven tips to help them enjoy their journey towards a straighter smile.

1.) Stay Supportive

Arguably the most important tip is to stay positive during your child’s orthodontic treatment. They may feel unsure or self-conscious of their appearance, so try encouraging them to smile and reassuring them that they still look like themselves.

2.) Make Daily Brushing & Flossing More Fun

Great oral hygiene is always essential, but it’s especially important when your child has braces. You can help make cleaning their smile more fun with high-quality wax floss, tools like pre-threaded flossers, fun-flavored mouthwash, and perhaps even a new electric toothbrush!

3.) Become a Smoothie Connoisseur

Not only are smoothies a delicious, healthy treat, but this cool beverage can help ease dental soreness and reduce swelling. Encourage your child to make smoothies with you at home and try new combinations of fruits and veggies!

4.) Learn All About Braces-Friendly Baking

Your child may not be able to eat all their favorite treats during their orthodontic treatment, but there are plenty of delicious alternatives they can enjoy! Try going online to find recipes for desserts that are safe for braces, such as gooey brownies (with no nuts), fruity cupcakes, and homemade ice cream!

5.) Get Colored Bands for the Seasons

Depending on what type of braces your child has, they may be able to personalize their brackets with colored bands. Before their checkups, talk with your child about what colors they should choose next or what upcoming holidays they can match.

6.) Associate Orthodontic Checkups with Good Memories

Adjusting and tightening braces can cause discomfort, so your child may not look forward to their periodic checkups. You can help them associate these visits with good memories by rewarding them with an outing, small gift, positive encouragement, or some other activity they enjoy after their checkup.

7.) Plan to Celebrate Their New Smile

Help get your child excited about completing their orthodontic treatment by planning a celebration! Not only is throwing a party a great way to celebrate your child’s new smile and congratulate them for their hard work, but it will give them something to look forward to during their treatment as well.

Orthodontic treatment is important for your child’s long-term health and confidence, but they may not love having braces. Help make getting a straighter smile more fun by keeping these seven tips in mind!

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