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Adult Orthodontics – Webster, MA

Not Just Your Child Can Get Treatment!

Advancements in the field of orthodontics have made treatment not just far more effective, but comfortable as well as effective. Today, there are many treatment options that work to keep appearance in mind, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice your smile just to achieve a straighter smile and even bite. It also means you can reduce dental problems as you get older. Whether you’re a parent whose child has their own braces or a young adult just graduating from college, it’s not too late to get treatment with adult orthodontics in Webster, MA at Simply Orthodontics Webster!

Adult patient with traditional braces

How is Adult Treatment Different from Younger Patients?

Woman with clear and ceramic braces

The fact is adult teeth are not growing like children’s and teenagers’ teeth are, even though the process of shifting teeth is relatively the same. Treatment may take a bit longer since adult teeth are fully matured and the oral structures are more dense. Additionally, external factors like medications, poor oral health, smoking and teeth grinding/clenching can all affect treatment negatively. Furthermore, specialists may need to look closer at your concerns if advanced gum disease or underlying endodontic issues are present. If you have any restorations, you may still be able to pursue treatment, whether it’s metal braces or Invisalign.

What Orthodontic Treatments Are There?

Man with traditional braces

All orthodontic treatments can be administered to adults, with the exception of Pediatric orthodontics which are only designed with rapidly developing teeth in mind. Traditional braces are by far one of the most common treatments provided because of their effectiveness at shifting very problematic teeth. However, Invisalign is also ideal thanks to the added freedom it provides both for oral hygiene and diet. Damon Self-ligating braces make treatment more comfortable while clear/ceramic braces offer improved aesthetics. All of these options will be discussed in greater detail beforehand so you can understand the pros and cons of each, leading to a more informed decision.

What Should I Expect After Treatment Starts?

Woman with flawless smile after adult orthodontics treatment

We’ll go over all the most important steps for maintaining your orthodontic appliance after it has been placed, ensuring no hiccups or dental emergencies occur. We ask that you visit our orthodontic office on a regular basis, typically every one to two months. This depends on the appliance or treatment you choose. It’s very important that you visit your general dentist for exams and cleanings, maintain a diet that’s accommodating to your braces, and review your current oral care routine so adjustments can be made.

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